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Carl August Seibel started his shoe making business in the small village of Hauenstein, Germany. Named after his son Josef, the brand was born. Nestled in the sleepy wine-making Rhineland-Palatinate, it was one of many shoe making factories in the region.


1907 - new factory & 2nd generation

In 1907 a new larger building was built. After his passing, Carl-August was succeeded by his two sons, Karl and Josef. Soon after, Karl passed, leaving Josef to steer the family business for multiple decades, through both World War eras.


1955 - Third Generation

After the forced economy of the Second World War, third-generation son, Josef Seibel takes over the company management in 1955. Under his direction and the post-war industrial boom, new styles and models followed in the late 1950s and 1960s, as well as an expansion in German production.


1980 - The fourth generation

After navigating a recession in the 70s, the 1980's saw strong growth for the small family brand. Carl August Seibel, the great-grandson of the company founder, starts becoming involved in shoe making and product design. Through both his education in Economics at university and family leadership, Carl August is being groomed as the fourth-generation family owner.


1990 - expanding production

The 1990s see great demand for Josef Seibel footwear. And the German production can no longer cope with worldwide demand. Capable and reliable production partners are sought and found in Hungary & Romania. Carl August takes over leadership of the company, steering the business into the new century.


2005 - Romika

The Josef Seibel Group acquires the rights to the Romika brand. In the ensuing years, Romika is revitalized and a premium comfort brand with industry leading components. Check out ROMIKA.


looking toward the future

Today, the company is still operated out of the original village in Hauenstein, Germany. Lead by fourth-generation family owner Carl August Seibel, Josef Seibel has production and sales facilities all over the world with more than 3,500 employees worldwide. The company also has a large network of reliable international suppliers. Using state-of-the-art production techniques, over 6 million pairs of shoes are produced annually and exported to more than 40 countries.  

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